What’s Inside a Beauty Kit?

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For a lady, a beauty kit is as important as a first aid kit. 9 out of 10 ladies bag has a beauty kit inside. No matter how busy the day is, ladies will have allocated time to look at the mirror, check her face, and retouch her make-up if needed. What should be inside a beauty kit is what I will enumerate in this post.

 Lotions and Moisturizers:

Our skin is always exposed to the sun hence dryness is one of our greatest enemy. To maintain moisture, we need to apply lotion and facial moisturizer. Do not underestimate dryness; it can lead to further serious damage to the skin.

 Lipsticks and Lipgloss:

While the skin and the face experience dryness, our lips too can be damages too. Applying lipgloss will not only add beauty but will prevent having chapped lips or even wind burn during cold season. Meanwhile, even if we are wearing a long lasting lipstick, there is still tendency for it to wear off. We need our lipstick to be ready as needed.

Face powder and Concealers:

If there is dryness, there is also oiliness. Having a face powder or oil paper will save you from having that greasy feeling on the face. Concealers meanwhile will give you that even tone in the face.

Blushes and Eye Color:

To complete the kit, we need to include our blushes and eye colors. Applying these will add life to dullness. These are common in the workplace, if you are already stressed because of lots of works, applying these will give a refreshing look.


If you know that you will have long exposure to the sun, include a sunblock in your kit. Though most of the sunblock are said to be effective all day long, applying it twice a day is still recommended.


Above beauty elements are enough to compose our beauty kits that we always bring with us. You need not worry carrying bulky items since these now come in very compact sizes. The containers are designed to match small beauty kits. If you buy in big sizes, you can buy small containers for refill so you can still insert them inside the kit.

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